We have used The Gateaux Boutique for all our corporate events for the last year. Mainly to provide us with corporate favours, dessert tables and centre pieces, anniversary Gateaux and client hampers.

It is always been a pleasure working with Shivani and The Gateaux Boutique team as they offer a personalised service to ensure all of our requirements are taken into account. The products are exquisite and luxurious.

The boutique favours are beautifully presented and highly complimented by our guests.

Due to the fabulous service and unique products we have not required to venture into the market.

I would highly recommend Shivani and The Gateaux Boutique.



Shivani has been a member of Reading and Henley Athena Network, I have used her services and I have also had the pleasure of her company within my fitness business on the walks/classes that Shivani attends.

The quality and presentation of Shivani's cakes are excellent.  Her attention to detail is brilliant and what I love most about Shivani is that there is no compromise with the quality of ingredients.  Shivani cares about her clients and will always "over deliver" in respect to making sure the client has what they require to the timescale that is needed.........picking up a cake very first thing on a Saturday morning is just one of the times that Shivani has gone out of her way to deliver with no compromise on quality.

I have personally used The Gateaux Boutique for various celebrations and have had the pleasure of being on the receiving end of her Corporate Gifts.  What amazes me is that every flavour of gateaux/cake that I have sampled has tasted of what it is and tastes "fresh".  

Shivani is a delight to work with and I am very excited about her business as she is a very talented lady and it is a pleasure working with Shivani professionally and personally.



I used the Gateaux Boutique for my recent tenth anniversary favours.

I first met the owner at the Athena Network, and had an opportunity to taste her cakes, which were delicious.

Thereafter, I approached Shivani to create my corporate favours for my event. It was wonderful the way she took on board my 1920s concept and undertook research on the flavours of the time and provided me with full options and costings, in a timely and professional manner.

The Gateaux Boutique advised me on appropriate options but ultimately created my concept. The cakes were delivered promptly and I cannot fault the professional manner in which everything was conducted. During a busy time, the stress of this element of my event was taken from me.

The cakes itself were superb and received many compliments from my guests. Beautifully presented and fresh.

I would not hesitate on using Shivani and the Gateaux Boutique again due to the fantastic service that we received and the unique nature of what they do.

Yours sincerely


 Thank you so much for your amazing Gateau Shivani! Both the Blueberry Cheesecake and the Mango were exceptional and I can't wait to try others in the future. In fact, I shall be placing my Christmas order soon https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/teb/2/16/1f642.png" width="16"/>:-) I have no hesitation in recommending you to others who would appreciate the work you put into making your customers something special. 


I  recommend Shivani and The Gateaux Boutique as a supplier to your lovely venue.

The first time I tasted one of their desserts was a cake at an awards event, it was simply delicious.

The unique flavour combinations really work and make their quality desserts stand out from the


Since then I have ordered entree and cupcakes for our Henley Business Curry event in May and my

customers were very happy with them. Shivani and her team were timely and set the table

beautifully. They always serve with a smile and she is very friendly and adapts to demands. Many

of my customers in Henley reminisce about visits to India and the wonderful flavours they

experienced. The Gateaux Boutique offers them a taste of those in a familiar form.

If you are looking for a unique offering for your clientele then their desserts are for you.


Amazing Gateaux. They not only looked Great but are the best we have tasted . We ordered chocolate and Baileys cream and white chocolate mousse Gateau, as desserts for our Anniversary party and they were extremely loved by all our guests. We would highly recommend The Gateaux Boutique( The lovely Shivani) and their Fabulous service to everyone . 5 stars are not enough to describe them , you need to definitely taste their Gateaux and experience their service. Looking forward to more such wonderful Gateaux 

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 The Gateaux Boutique made me a delicious Cardamom and Pistachio Mousse cake and some Greek Yoghurt desserts for a family dinner celebrating my husband and daughter’s birthdays. Both not only looked amazing but tasted fantastic and everyone thoroughly enjoyed them. Thank you Shivani, you lived up to your reputation. I would highly recommend the Gateaux Boutique 


 Highly recommend The Gateaux Boutique. The cupcakes from DWM anniversary party were delicious ! My daughter tried one and said ‘there’s a secret ingredient mum. These are the best cupcakes ever!’. The subtle cardamom flavouring elevated the cake and icing. I’m not one for sweet things, but I won’t be passing up on one of your cakes next time I have the opportunity . 


A You must get notes like this daily but I just had to write to tell you how amazing Gulab jamun cheese cake was! Not only was it beautiful to look at but had I known it was going to be so delicious I would have skipped dinner and doubled up on cake! The taste and texture was divine.
When you love what you do, it shows! By far one of the greatest tasting cakes I've had! What an amazing talent you have !!!
Thank you so much !!! 


 We have used The Gateaux Boutique for our various corporate events. Shivani is a very passionate about her work and makes sure to go an extra mile to provide that special personal touch. We highly recommend her services and products to everyone for their high end quality and bespoke creations.



 Made to perfection with correct mix of ingredients and personal touch....
cakes flying off the shelf.... 


 Absolutely delicious coffee gateaux! Very flavourful and a lot lighter than I was expecting... therefore very easy to scoff (having seconds would not have been a problem, lets be real). Proper indulgence sans that "uncomfortably full" feeling - highly recommended!